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Jackson Wang - Different Game (feat. Gucci Mane) Lyrics

  November 06, 2018

I know that this isn't really a place for my personal opinions but I still want to say this (regarding the music video):
I understand the appeal of using animals like tigers and lions in films and such, but I think many people fail to realize the deeper consequences. While I do not know the context in which the animals were used for the MV/where they came from, they are wild animals who do not belong in these enclosures and those who are confined are often mistreated, drugged, etc. (but even without those other factors, they are put in great distress when they are kept in these enclosures) Portraying them in the way the MV does can also be harmful because it perpetuates the idea that it's okay to confine wild animals to cages.
I'm not saying the choice to use animals in the MV reflects on Jackson's character because I know he's a good person who simply isn't aware, but I do hope that he and we a society, reconsider the use of animals for entertainment and in films.

Still very proud of how far Jackson has come as a solo artist and I personally really love this song and the meaning behind it! And of course, I'm not trying to belittle the effort and attention to detail in the production of the MV, I just feel very strongly about this and think that it is something that needs to be seriously considered.

Thanks for Watching :)

Also, I don't know why this video is so blurry ugh..sorry about that!

Video by June